A new social network wants to stimulate the international trade with its own crypto-currency

Despite the fact that Facebook and LinkedIn are used by millions of people, these social networks seem to be missing a major asset for the future, to know that they do not use the technology Blockchain. Today, TraDove wants to take the lead in proposing the first social network for B2B technology-based Blockchain.

Summary of the operation of TraDove/Source : TraDove ICO

The first social network business based on the technology of Blockchain

“We help buyers and sellers worldwide to connect quickly and safely,” one can read on the website of TraDove. In fact, TraDove has the ambition to optimise the way in which the companies that do international trade are connected to the B2B network. Kent Yan, the CEO of TraDove, graduated in engineering from the University of MIT, believe that the import, export and other trading operations can be improved through the opportunities provided by the technology Blockchain, especially in terms of transparency and authentication system. “I had the idea to create a social network-oriented “business” to more quickly bring buyers and sellers, ” he said on the news site E27.

Here is a small overview of the function of TraDove.

The advantages of crypto-currencies in terms of international trade

TraDove has the intention to use contract-based intelligent network Ethereum to create an intelligent platform that allows to easily put in relationship the partners. In fact, by its design, a network Blockhain is less vulnerable to intrusion and cyber-attacks. This factor is particularly important for large firms. Thus, the crypto-currency TraDave, the BBCoin, is supposed to be a better payment instrument for international trade. This crypto-currency is expected to become the primary currency in the B2B market. The introduction of this new crypto-currency can increase the demand of the companies in the field of crypto-currencies, boost sales, and the commercial needs of companies. In addition, using crypto-currencies, companies can skimp on all the stress related to the traditional banking system and take advantage of the ease and low cost of payments in the digital currency.

Source : Cointelegraph