A new video game to win a Bitcoin

A new video game is available from today on the Steam platform. It is to solve 24 puzzles. The first one that succeeds will have the happiness of winning a Bitcoin. As you say that the players have been looking forward to be able to try their luck.

A game based on 24 puzzles

For once, a video game can pay big dividends. In fact, with Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma, it is possible to win a Bitcoin. But attention, only one player will have the chance to win this fabulous prize. To do this, he will have to solve no less than 24 puzzles all more complicated than the others. It will therefore have to demonstrate patience.

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Winners randomly selected on February 20th 2018 ?https://t.co/W5GmTFeL8R pic.twitter.com/BkwX5o0QNb

— Montecrypto (@MontecryptoGame) February 15, 2018

The game is available on the Steam platform from today, 20 February. You would have to pay 1,99 dollar to be able to participate in the adventure. Each solving a puzzle unlocks a word. And when the 24 words are found, then it is possible to access a wallet containing a Bitcoin.

A very nice reward to the key

The first player to have solved all 24 puzzles will be able to transfer that Bitcoin to its portfolio.

The designers of the video game are anonymous, but they stated in a press release : “For the time being, we prefer to keep our identities secret. But we can say that we are a group of developers and that we had this game idea. As big fans of scavenger hunts, we have been inspired by puzzle-like On the trail of the owl gold, owl statufiée that had been buried in 1993, while a series of indices have been published. And no one has yet managed to solve the puzzles to find this nice of 15 kg, made of gold and silver. “

Copy screen Montecrypto Enigma / If a player manages to solve the 24 puzzles, you will be rewarded with a Bitcoin.

The mission is therefore very complicated. But the game is worth the candle. We must admit that the concept is fun, and that the reward is interesting. So who’s going to try his luck ?

Source : Bitcoinist