A platform japanese offer Bitcoins for free… by mistake !

It is a computer bug that is at the origin of this strange business. In Japan, an exchange platform has offered free Bitcoins to seven users. What is good news for investors who are always in search of Bitcoin the least expensive !

A computer bug is very expensive

The platform japanese Zaif has been the victim of a computer bug is particularly serious. Indeed, on 16 February, during a twenty minutes, some internet users have had a lot of luck. Many Bitcoins have been sold for free. However, the platform has managed to successfully cancel before the sales would not be validated. Except for one of them.

PIxabay – TheDigitalArtist / for a few minutes, users could get free of charge Bitcoins.

In fact, one of the viewers immediately attempted to transfer these Bitcoins free to a wallet external. A spokesperson for the platform in japanese is out of the silence to announce that the leaders kept looking for a solution for the moment.

A platform at the centre of all the attentions

This is not the first time that the platform Zaif is at the heart of serious problems. In fact, she has already stolen $ 530 million last January. It was the biggest hacking of a site for the exchange of digital currencies.

This flight had caused great concern among investors in the world. The safety rules of the platforms had been widely questioned. But this time, this is not a hacking or cracking which is in question : it is indeed an error that has made the happiness of an investor !

PIxabay – TheDigitalArtist / The security of the exchange platforms, is widely questioned.

In Japan, the crypto-currencies are causing a craze on the part of people who take pleasure in investing of the sums are often considerable. These Bitcoins free have passionate crowds, who hope that such “incidents” happen to them also… However, nothing is less sure !

Source : Bitcoinist