A public university australian reward students with Ethereum

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is associated with LoyaltyX to develop Unity Rewards, the first project of important research on retention based on the technology Blockchain.

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$ 5 in the form of Ethereum

Through the program, students from UNSW participating in the initiative can earn Ethereum by scanning a bar code in the application Unify Rewards, which also serves as a digital portfolio. The scanners are placed with 12 retailers throughout the campus, and the students will receive 5 $ in the form of Ethereum each time that 10 transactions have been made. This is a test period, and participation is limited to the first 500 students who register on the web site of Unify Rewards. During the test, the participants can sell their crypto-coins, spend them on gift cards or invest to see if the value of the Ethereum increases. Once the trial period is finished, they will be able to transfer the balance in their personal portfolio.

For a better understanding of what is Ethereum, here is a short video presentation of this cousin of the Bitcoin.

UNSW wants to attract students in a fun way

Andrew Lowe, director-general of LoyaltyX, said that a rewards program of loyalty based on the technology Blockchain would attract members more effectively than the programs of points of loyalty in the traditional sense. These are generally limited to a single supplier and provide to the members of the limited options when it comes to redeem their points. “This is the first time that a loyalty program allows members to have to deal with several suppliers and earn a crypto-currency popular which fluctuates with the market. “said Lowe. And to add, ” we are confident that they will find it a lot more attractive, but research can give us a definitive answer “, he added.

Australia has recently begun to adopt both the digital currency and the technology blockchain. And the crypto-currencies are already extremely popular in the country.

Source : Cryptocoinsnews