A radiator… it comes to mining your crypto-currencies !

The industry of the mining of crypto-currency is in full swing. It can pay big dividends, but the competition is tougher. Some graphics cards specialized literally tear. Today, a French start-up is considering the crypto-mining in a new light… through a radiator !

The start-up Qarnot

It is a pride for france. Its young shoot Qarnot was already present two years ago at ces in Las Vegas. At the time, the firm wasn’t yet to the mining of crypto-currencies, but to electric heaters of a new kind… In fact, with the Q. Rad, it was already warm thanks to the processors. This radiator was manned data center, but in a decentralized way, its computing power can be rented to third parties, including businesses. It is in a first-time BNP Paribas who has played the game, the goal is for the user to reduce its electricity bills. After all, the owners of solar panels can sell electricity to EDF, so why not market computing power, both day and night ? A video will explain to you in a few minutes with this system :

Installed in Montrouge in the 92, the French start-up Qarnot Computing has seen the light of day at the end of 2010. Directed by Paul Benedict and Miroslav Sviezeny, this simplified joint-stock company carried out in 2013 a turnover of around € 300 000. Today, with its revolutionary product, a crypto-radiator, the enterprise can only make the buzz…

A crypto-radiator for the mining

He really had to have the idea ! His little non-is QC-1. It is a crypto-radiator heating your home while undermining the crypto-currency. To do this, the camera is equipped with a graphics card-processor-Sapphire Nitro and a Radeon RX580, two GPU AMD. In series, it is Ethereum, which is undermined, but the choice of the crypto-currency may be changed according to the desires of the user. To this end, in addition to an electrical outlet, this heater revolutionary will need an Ethernet connection, knowing that it is coupled to a smartphone app, story to connect more easily to an electronic wallet. A video in English we present briefly the product :

In addition, Qarnot not be financed by the sale of the QC-1 and will retain no commission on the crypto-currency mined. In plain language this means that all of the computing power of these crypto-radiators will be of benefit to their owner. At a time when one accuses the mining of crypto-currencies unnecessarily consume too much electricity, this invention is really smart. This article is available from march 8, 2018, at a price to be rather high : 3 000 € approximately. Of course, payments in BTC accepted… A worthwhile investment pays off in the medium term !

Source : Stuffi