A reality tv show, demonstrates how to survive for a week using only Bitcoin

A string of Korean television has produced and aired a reality tv show where the two stars of the film are faced to live with only Bitcoins for a week. An actor is in South Korea and another in San Francisco. Their challenge is to find merchants that accept the Bitcoin as payment method direct.

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The first TV program focused on the Bitcoin

The mainstream television channel in south korea Asia Economic TV has produced and aired a reality tv show that challenged two film actors to live using only Bitcoins, this for one week. The name of this survival challenge is translated in the following way : “Stay alive for a week with Bitcoins “. The test is held in two countries with adoption levels are very different, namely South Korea and the United States. Actor Kim Bo-Sung spent a week living in South Korea with only Bitcoins in his pocket, while the painter and actress Yun Song-ah has done the same, but in the city of San Francisco, in the United States.

Here, in the video, the very last episode of this reality tv show, which aired last week.

Reveal contradictory realities

The program shows the contrast on how the two actors have survived using only Bitcoins in each country. They were filmed in different situations : to buy food, rent an apartment, travel and various other activities. The producer of the reality tv explained that the show unveils two styles of survival to be completely different from one country to the other. For example, San Francisco is among the places in the world where Bitcoin is widely used, while the opposite is true in South Korea, where the Bitcoin, the ICO technology and the Blockchain in general, are the target of very strict regulations.

Source : News.Bitcoin