A regulatory agency of the israeli threat to ban companies Bitcoin to enter the stock market

The chairman of the Authority, the israeli capital market (ISA) will propose a regulation prohibiting companies that deal with crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, trading at the Tel-Aviv stock exchange.

The ISA does not want any activity that is related to crypto-currencies within the Tel-Aviv stock exchange

Yesterday, during a press conference, the president of the ISA, Shmuel Hauser, has said that he will present to the board of directors, a regulatory framework designed to prohibit companies that carry out activities based on the crypto-currencies trading on the market only israeli public. The Tel Aviv stock Exchange is under the direct supervision of the ISA. In a public statement reported by Reuters, Hauser said : “If we have a company whose main activity focuses on the crypto-currencies, we would allow ourselves not. If it is already listed on the stock exchange, its trading activities will be suspended. “

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A proposal which will be presented at the beginning of the year 2018

Also, earlier this month, Hauser has been compared to the investor interest in Bitcoin to the gold rush of the Nineteenth century. “Bitcoin looks like a bubble, smells like a bubble and acts like a bubble,” said Hauser at the time. The ISA has also called for the establishment of a regulatory framework to exclude companies Bitcoin indices TASE.

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The head of the ISA should submit this new proposal to the board of directors of the ISA next week. If approved, the proposal will be the subject of a public hearing before the governing law of the TASE shall be amended to legislate on the prohibition of the companies as the Bitcoin. After 6 years at the head of the ISA, this proposal is likely to be the last major intervention of Shmuel Hauser to the board of directors.

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