A Russian entrepreneur wants to create a range of vodka with names of crypto-currencies

Dmitry Troitsky, a Russian entrepreneur, plans to create a range of vodka bearing the name of the crypto-currencies popular. Troitsky has filed a patent application in order to develop three brands of vodka, namely ” Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic “.


Take advantage of the popularity of crypto-currencies

Dmitry Troitsky has filed with the office cunning marks the three names that it wants to apply to its alcoholic beverages. Even if Troitsky understands that his government is not totally favorable to crypto-currencies, he thinks that the public perception is different. Troisky explains the website of the Russian information Life.ru these names will be the success with this line of vodka. “I can’t yet say what it will look like and when the range will be launched, but I’m sure that it will meet the needs of many people. “

The Russian entrepreneur is not the only person to use the growing popularity of crypto-currencies with alcoholic beverages. Last January, we learned that the crypto-promoter and owner of South Florida Distillery, Avi Aisenberg had created ” EthereRum “. This rum is distilled using the heat obtained during the mining of Bitcoin instead of wasting it.


A commercial success possible

According to Troitsky, this range of vodka is more an original concept and a product gift. But with a good promotion campaign in Russia, he hoped that the drinks could possibly get a commercial success. “One could easily think that the vodka Bitcoin is a name which is fanciful, but with a good amount of legal support and sufficient resources, it will be possible to succeed commercially,” says Troitsky. Actually, one could also think that the names of the crypto-currencies can bring people to have associations agreeable with certain goods, including alcoholic beverages.

Source : News.Bitcoin