A Russian entrepreneur wants to obtain a patent for the use of the names of crypto-currencies on their products

Russia organizes a new type of battles between the virtual currency and the currency of the traditional. Meanwhile, consumers will soon see the emergence of new vodkas with the names of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. As reported in the local newspaper Life.ru an entrepreneur from the city of Ekaterinburg has filed three patent applications for the use of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic to be the brand names of this drink.

Dmitri Aydakhov stated that consumers could perfectly make positive associations with the names of crypto-currencies and the vodka brand. The Russian businessman said that he did not yet know what these bottles are going to look like or when it will be able to distribute these goods.


An entrepreneur in search of brand names original

With the craze that there are around crypto-currencies in Russia, the business man wants to surely take advantage of them. If the Russian government seems to be in favor of the establishment of a regulation for the market of crypto-currencies, their position is still very fuzzy.

For this entrepreneur, everyone has his opinion on crypto-currencies. He is just looking to find brand names that are original to develop his business.

The crypto-currencies are a source of inspiration for many entrepreneurs

Despite a new crackdown by the Russian government on open access to crypto-currencies, especially Bitcoin and Ethereum, investors are looking for all means to develop their activity.

Recently, Cointelegraph reported that Burger King Russia had issued its own crypto-currency. There is also the restaurant chain Dve Palochki, which launched last month a menu on the theme of the ICO. Russia is known for its brand names often original. Aydakhov plans to produce vodkas bearing the names of the top three crypto-currencies. A true revolution is on in Russia and we expect that the government will make a decision quickly on the market for crypto-currencies.

Source : CoinTelegraph