A Russian minister said : “We will not consider ever the Bitcoin as legal “

The head of the Russian ministry of Communications (Minkomsvyaz) said that Russia would legalize ever the “Bitcoin” in the current state of the national economy. Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the first national forum of the youth of the Duma, Nikoay Nikiforov has declared that if the Bitcoin were to remain outside the realm of legality, the adoption of the technology Blockchain state ” quite possible “.

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I can no longer identify the position of Russia

“Bitcoin is an application of foreign technology Blockcain, and the Russian law will not be seen ever as a legal entity under the jurisdiction of the Russian federation”,-he said. These comments of the minister of Communications add even more opacity at the position already confused legislators russians about Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in general. A crowd of senior officials gave conflicting advice on how Russia would deal with this phenomenon emerging capital. Some argue, in particular, that an outright ban is inevitable.


The mining of crypto-currencies has the favor of the Kremlin

Last week, the network of sharing content through popular social Golos has been blocked by the regulator Roskomnadzor for seven days on allegations of breach of confidentiality of the data, that the developers are trying to challenge before the courts. At the same time, the Kremlin had announced earlier this year that it wanted to control the market of the mining of Bitcoin, by injecting millions of dollars into the market share left behind by China. Nevertheless, what is certain is that Russia will regulate the mining of crypto-currencies by next July. It is important to remember that the technology Blockchain has always been in good health in Russia.

Source : Cointelegraph