A school of australia is holding an information session on crypto-currencies

The growing popularity of Bitcoin among young people has prompted a secondary school in australia to hold an information session designed to educate participants on the digital currency. The St Laurence”s College in Brisbane has recently informed the parents of the students wish to organize an educational presentation to highlight the development of crypto-currencies. The increasing number of students are investing in the virtual currency, has encouraged this institution in this process.

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Young people are increasingly investing in crypto-currencies

A high school in Brisbane, Australia, has announced that he will organize a meeting of non-mandatory for staff and students, to inform them of the evolution of crypto-currencies. The school has circulated an email stating that St Laurence”s College has no official position on this topic, but this session will consist of a presentation to warn young people about the purchases of digital currency.

Source : Pixabay. A secondary school in australia is holding an information session to raise awareness among young people about crypto-currencies.

In this email, it was indicated that this presentation will shed light on the characteristics of the virtual currency and the technology that supports them. The participants will also be able to take advantage of this opportunity to have some information very basic, on the state of the market and the ways to secure investments. Although the event was originally scheduled to take place on 2 February, it has since been postponed.

An initiative well received

Chrisann Lee, professor of economics and accountancy at the Queensland University of Technology, has supported the decision of the school, stating that adolescents today benefit from the educational efforts related to crypto-currencies. Mr. Lee indicated that, although adolescents have knowledge in accounting, they are often confronted with more complex problems when it comes to investment.

The professor insisted on the need to educate young people about the digital currency. Thanks to this, they can more easily make decisions when they realize exchanges of crypto-currencies.

Source : NewsBitcoin