A school of commerce Bulgarian offers scholarships in Bitcoin

The international business school of management University of Varna (VUM), located in Bulgaria, has announced that the candidates admitted to the bachelor of software engineering will receive scholarships in Bitcoin. The students will be able to choose to receive their scholarships of 1000 euros in the equivalent amount in Bitcoin.

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Bulgaria is only to follow a trend

Recently, many universities have started offering courses in Bitcoin or have started to accept the crypto-currency for the purchase of books and payment of tuition fees. Recently, the swiss university of Lucerne has agreed to the Bitcoin for the payment of university fees. Today, it is the management university of Varna, based in Bulgaria, which plans to provide scholarships of a value of 1,000 euros in the form of Bitcoin to the ten students who make the request. The scholarship Bitcoin will be awarded to students based on their background and their achievements in the past. “VUM has the pleasure to announce that ten candidates for the bachelor’s degree in software engineering will now have the opportunity to receive scholarships in Bitcoin beginning in the fall semester 2018,” explains the Bulgarian university.


Integration will be done step-by-step

For the moment, VUM is planning to integrate payments in Bitcoin for tuition and accommodation, and expects the integration to be soon finalized. In addition, the school of computer science the university account to add modules devoted to digital assets and technology Blockchain. These different additions will strengthen the bachelor’s degree program in software engineering from VUM. “We believe that Bitcoin offers a significant opportunity for innovation and development. We would like to see our beloved country to use its strong human capital to become a leader in this digital revolution, ” says the university. VUM believes that this initiative will create an entire new industry and thousands of new jobs in Varna and throughout Bulgaria.

Source : News.Bitcoin