A start-up british crypto-currencies is the victim of a cyber-attack

A company exchanges of crypto-currencies in the uk that has raised $ 40 million, has been the victim of a cyber-attack. Investors have not been able to do transactions for several days. The Electroneum is a privately issued digital gold currency can be used on smartphones. The start-up was expected to launch its website and its mobile application last Thursday, thanks to a first ICO.

The website of the company Maidstone has been the subject of a cyber-attack last week, c has had to delay the launch of its application of mining mobile. The DDoS attacks have affected the computer network of the company. Nearly 140 000 users have currently this new digital currency.

The Electroneum, a digital currency launched by Maidstone

The start-up has created the crypto-currency Electroneum. It currently displays many users. The company hopes that the price of the digital currency increases, after including the rise of Bitcoin, is now worth more than $ 7,000.

This virtual currency is becoming more and more, especially, after the support of Harry Redknapp. The company confirms that this technology will allow a wider public access to crypto-currencies. The deployment of this solution is a revolution in the sector of the digital currency. In fact, the company uses a technology similar to computer programs which allow one to generate foreign exchange such as Bitcoin or Ether.

The ICO are risky

Many users have complained due to the fact that their account has been blocked. The company said that they were really sorry for the delay. They explained that they are working tirelessly to resolve these issues as soon as possible. According to the Financial Conduct Authority, the ICO does not protect investors.

draglet GmbH, Wikimedia Commons

Hackers target regularly companies wishing to launch new crypto-currencies. An ICO similar has already been the subject of a cyber-attack, resulting in the loss of more than $ 7 million of crypto-currencies.

Source : Telegraph