A start-up crypto-currency out a full-page advertisement in the Wall Street Journal

A start-up crypto-currencies devotes a whole page in the Wall Street Journal to get publicity. It aims to convince the CEO of JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon and try to change his mind, because he calls the bitcoin of fraud. The start-up swiss Eidoo, launched Wednesday, is presented as a solution enabling its customers to exchange Ethereum, the second largest crypto-currency.

The company offers users to exchange bitcoin and ethereum. The advertisements published by the start-up in the Wall Street Journal encourages users to invest in these crypto-currencies. It reads as follows : “it May be that Jamie’s going to kick you out, but you are free to invest in crypto-currencies “.

A campaign to contradict the words of Jamie Damon

This ad launched by Eidoo has the objective of encouraging the users of crypto-currencies to continue their activity, despite the statements of Dimon calling the Bitcoin of fraud. The start-up has produced a campaign is very expensive, because to make a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal, it will cost approximately $ 250,000.

However, this action is a great way to reduce the concerns of users regarding the crypto-currency.

Opinions are various concerning the crypto-currencies

The Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies like ethereum have faced many difficulties this year. But the situation has changed, mainly due to the growing interest of investors and regulation is favourable in countries such as Japan.

However, the market of crypto-currencies has also received a lot of criticism. While Dimon took on the bitcoin, others have taken target for the ICO, which are a way for start-ups to raise money through crypto-currencies. The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, has stated in a recent interview with CNBC that the ICO are a scam, absolute. However, there are many investors who speak of the potential of Bitcoin.

Source : CNBC