A survey revealed that 8 % of Americans have crypto-currencies

A new poll in the U.s. found that the community of crypto-currency still has a long way to go to simplify the technology or to reach and educate more of us users, especially among women and the elderly.

To help you better understand this poll, here is a video in English describing these facts :

The adoption rate of crypto-currencies is still low in the United States

The comparison site of financial products Finder recently conducted a survey of 2,001 Americans to help map the landscape of crypto-currencies in the United States. The platform has also noticed that 7,95 % of the population has invested in a digital currency. And among the 92,05 % who have not purchased digital currencies, account for 7.76% planning to purchase in the future.

Source : Vimeo. A survey showed that only 8 % of Americans have crypto-currencies.

As to the reasons for which the surveyed have not invested in the digital currency, 35,02 % fear that the risk is too high, 27,04 % find it too difficult to understand, 17,97 % say that it is a scam, 16,12 % are waiting for the bursting of the bubble, 11,40 % found the technology too complicated to use, and finally to 5.75 % think that there are too many transaction costs. 40,01 % of them say they are not interested or that they don’t need it. The three virtual currency, the most popular are Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Bitcoin Cash.

The men are more interested in crypto-currencies than women

The survey also revealed a significant difference between the sexes, with only 4,27 % of women declaring to possess virtual currency, against 11,86 % of men. And the average volume of Bitcoin bought by women is approximately 1 821 $ from 3 923 to the men. 6.28% of women and 9.47% of men plan to buy crypto-currencies.

This survey has also allowed us to show a generational gap, with 17,21 % of Millennials who are interested in this technology, compared to 8,75 % for generation X and 2.24 per cent for baby boomers. The Millennials who have not purchased crypto-currencies are most likely to find them difficult to understand.

Source : NewsBitcoin