A trader in English realizes a return of more than 295 % with crypto-currencies

Jay Smith does not believe too to a collapse in the market of crypto-currencies. The price of Bitcoin has increased six times this year, despite a historical decline of 25 % this month, linked by chinese repression. Even the biggest stars like Paris Hilton prompt his fans to invest in the crypto-currency.

However, Smith, the best trader in the brokerage of crypto-currencies on eToro, has shrugged his shoulders when he speculates on the market from his home in Basingstoke, west of London. Each day, he is looking for reasons to buy more bitcoins and other digital currencies. He indicated that he had just place an order for Tesla, so that he does not even know driving.

Copy the trade traditional

Smith does not trade with its own cash. More than 900 retail investors closely follow his advice and copy his investment on eToro, who is authorised by the Authority to conduct financial of the United Kingdom. It is a network of social commerce, which allows customers to track their traders favorite and specialize in crypto-currencies.

The platform is one of the companies that use contracts for difference, or CFDS, offerings that allow investors to speculate on the price of crypto-currencies. Unlike futures contracts, CFDS do not allow to negotiate the exchange and are not liquid.

A total investment in crypto-currencies

Since his adolescence, this trader has not been seduced by the school. He had a tendency to leave school at 14 hours. He was interested in esports at the very beginning, which is a form of video games with a huge success in Asia. He then order to buy bitcoins.

At the beginning of the year 2017, it had built a portfolio consisting of Litecoins and Ethereum as well as other crypto-currencies. Through a technique of trading well established, it was able to generate a yield of nearly 295 %.