A trader of Bitcoin in the us is tried for a case of money laundering

The us authorities have pursued all the investors who used the platform for the exchange of crypto-currencies LocalBitcoins. This week, an individual residing in Arizona has been convicted for money laundering. Thomas Costanzo would be bleached almost 164 000 dollars.

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A whitening that lasted for two years

The prosecutors ‘ office of the Arizona and the Justice department has convicted a trader named Thomas Costanzo. The latter would have exchanged more than 164 000 dollars of Bitcoins on the platform LocalBitcoins. The trader would have carried out the illegal transactions for over two years. Faced with this situation, the u.s. authorities have opened an investigation. In April 2017, News Bitcoin has relayed the search warrant to the house of Costanzo. He was also arrested on 20 April 2017. At the time, the local media have reported that this arrest was linked to the suppression of the market of digital currencies.

Source : Pixabay. The arrest of a trader in u.s. for money laundering.

In addition to exchanging Bitcoins on LocalBitcoins, Costanzo has also traded crypto-currency on sale free. On the 28th of march last, it has been the subject of five counts of the indictment. Costanzo has released an announcement stating that he was prepared to engage in cash transactions of up to $ 50 000.

The fight against money laundering

Costanzo would have received approximately 164 700 dollars. The us authorities have indicated that Costanzo would have used Bitcoins to buy drugs on the Internet. According to the american media, the survey was conducted by the IRS, the DEA, ICE, Homeland Security and the police forces of Arizona. Costanzo will be confronted to the judge G. Murray Snow on June 11, 2018. He would risk a prison sentence of approximately 20 years or a fine of $ 250,000.

The office of the prosecutor stated that a certain number of Bitcoins were seized during the search of the home of Costanzo. According to the federal agencies, there has been other cases of money laundering are similar to the United States.

Source : NewsBitcoin