A trader would prefer the Bitcoin at the CAC 40

The crypto-currencies make their merry way. Little by little, in spite of criticism of many, they invest in new fields of the economy and began to supplant the currencies in the traditional way. It is as well that they attract institutional investors… or former followers of the stock market investments classic. It is this that shows us the story of a French trader past, the CAC-40 in Bitcoin.

Geek and trader : the winning association

Naturally, the crypto-trader is comfortable with the new technologies, which he masters to perfection. This is the case of Alex, a trader recently interviewed by Slate. It was first amused to boursicoter on the CAC 40 prior to launch, in 2014, in the adventure of crypto trading in general and Bitcoin in particular. With the changes to the key. And as much as to say that in four short years it is already a bet greatly…

If you are a bit geek, very gifted in computer science and a lover of the investment (always risky), then you’ll probably want to follow suit and have the same good fortune. After all, it does not happen to others !

Kraken, a platform that is widely acclaimed by the crypto-traders

The other winning association of Axel, it is the couple trading-foreign exchange. The Bitcoin increasingly serves as a medium of exchange money for tourists, undocumented migrants, the companies… If this trader acts as a pioneer (or almost), it must contend with several competitors.

How Alex trade of Bitcoin

It was already said that the Internet was to abolish a large part of the borders. In fact, apart from a few laws totalitarian in some dictatorships, the only barriers encountered by internet users are the most often, for the moment, language. But this universality is even more true in the case of the crypto-currency, which is after all the culmination of the computer and, via the BlockChain, the vast network that is the web.

As well, Alex uses the Bitcoin to trade to or from many national currencies. It sounds like a kind of double trading. It is therefore present on several platforms, domiciled in different States. He has a certain preference for Kraken and LocalBitcoins.

The Bitcoin to improve the conditions of exchange ? Source : Pixabay – MichaelWuensch

Without surprise, Alex wins the money simply because it sells more expensive the Bitcoin that he bought less expensive. Bad language does not appreciate may not be this type of speculation… His business is, however, duly organized, because agents operate its account in several cities of Europe for the slope changes, all of which are legally transparent. Each resource that is earned is declared to the tax authorities, competent. There was-in a little of the currency exchange service, based on algorithms home. He had to have the idea !

Source : Slate

  • rick carter

    I can only share in the vision of the trader, since the bitcoin has given me and continues to give me a max profit on globalmarkets-group. No need to make any effort, no need to be a master strategist. It just takes a good start and all goes alone. Unlike the CAC 40 where it is necessary to be constantly where it is necessary to be present constantly to analyze charts, adopt various strategies, scrolling, scalping… and all this to lose most of the time. The bitcoin is a good investment plan and this trader has managed to sniff out.