A vietnamese university considering accepting the Bitcoin in spite of the prohibition of the central bank

FPT, a vietnamese university, intends to accept the payment of tuition fees in Bitcoin. It will circumvent the ban of crypto-currencies by the central bank as a method of payment.

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The university FPT adopts crypto-currencies

The university of FPT is an academic institution private with campuses in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang, the three largest cities of Vietnam. According to the president of the university of FPT, the Dr. The Truong Tung, the university will soon begin to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment of the tuition fees of foreign students. With the use of Bitcoin, Tung believes that foreign students can work around the controls of currency strict in their respective countries. The Dr. Tung has said : “therefore, FPT has decided to test this new method by announcing officially, and in practice that foreign students can pay tuition fees with Bitcoins. “


Use Bitcoin to increase the number of foreign students

According to the head of the school, the university seeks to conduct research on crypto-currencies, in particular Bitcoins, in the framework of its program of studies, including in the areas of finance, management and business of the bank. The acceptance expected of Bitcoin and the use of crypto-currencies because of FTP, the first vietnamese university to enter this field. As such, 100 students are enrolled at the university, only 1 % of the total number of students. Tung expects the Bitcoin helps to improve these figures despite the legal frameworks recent imposed by the central bank, which prohibited the Bitcoin as a legal tender. To do this, the students will have to exchange the Bitcoin against the vietnamese dong before you pay the tuition fee. Alternatively, the students will also be allowed to “give” their Bitcoin to a Bitcoin address or a virtual wallet belonging to the university.

Source : Cryptocoinsnews