A youtubeur French owes its success to crypto-currencies

The neophytes, especially when they have little computer science, much of it hard to understand the interest or the operation of the crypto-currency. Because of this, many sites come up and explain to users the basics of Bitcoin and its ilk. However, from a pedagogical point of view, there is a medium infinitely more effective than a long text : the video. This has lead to the development of a new generation of each other surfing on the wave of crypto-currencies, and this in (almost) all countries and in various languages. On the French side, we cannot pass over in silence the success of Hasheur. A nickname referring to the ” hash “, the central element of the BlockChain.

20 years old and already a millionaire ?

Yes, it was not only in the United States of America that you can make a fortune in a short time thanks to the talent, or great ideas… Hasheur, a youtubeur who specializes in crypto-currency, is the most followed in France in this segment. Outside of the net, it is called Owen Simonin, and he is only 20 years old. Yet, in no time, he created a company to host a parallel event and it has six employees and a turnover that has exceeded one million (euros). And this without counting its probable assets in crypto-currency ! All this in a little over a year… check out the performance !

His company lorraine Just-Mining is dedicated to the marketing of super-computers BOB to put the blasting at the reach of everyone. The price of the gear and software range between 1 000 and 4 000 euros. Launched in 2017, this company works perfectly while practicing small margins. It is in full growth. Here’s a live video with its happy founder :

Hasheur has released his first video in November 2016. At this time, its benefits are still confidential. In the space of a few months, he exceeds, however, the 50 000 views, with to January 2017. Then the hearing is stagnating before experiencing a boom in may 2017. The number of subscribers and new subscribers is growing significantly. A new exponential growth, starting in October 2017, with a peak around 500 000 views and 17 000 new subscribers in December last year. Several of the videos of Owen Simonin have the buzz, following in fact the popularity of Bitcoin among the general public.

The specificity of Hasheur

At the base, Owen Simonin wishes to popularize and democratize the crypto-currencies. It adopts a simple tone and pedagogical to explain to people what it is. In fact, it was one of the first to consecrate in French-language videos on this topic. Until then, the English, the Korean and the japanese seemed far in the majority. Its success is due in large part to his perseverance, since Hasheur was not discouraged despite the low number of visitors at the beginning.

Thanks to the stride he has achieved Hasheur can support his audience by doubling its presence on YouTube relay it via Twitter and Instagram. Its webcam has been replaced by an HD camera, while his old T-shirt has been exchanged for clothes more presentable, in a place more usable as a lounge student… Now, the youtubeur is accustomed to interviews :

Between explanations of the fundamental and background analyses, Hasheur has the talent to bounce on the news. It is thus that he has handed over to his place with Bruno Le Maire, minister of the Economy, having accumulated inaccuracies on the Bitcoin. The media have taken his comments at their fair value, and his comments have been widely reproduced. But success also has its reverse side of the medal : after a violent charge against Bitconnect, Owen Simonin has literally received death threats ! This is the price to pay just to see and say the truth… so We can trust him !

Source : BFM TV