According to Bill Gates, the Bitcoin is worth nothing

Bill Gates believes that crypto-currencies are not worth anything. His statements critical of the ecosystem of virtual currencies are now famous. And once again, the billionaire does not mince his words.

About assassins to the Bitcoin

On Monday, may 7, Bill Gates participated in an interview on CNBC, in the company of other billionaires that he knows well, namely Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. During this interview, the creator of Microsoft has talked about crypto-currencies, recalling that the Bitcoin in particular, does not produce anything and, therefore, its value can only continue its downward trend : “I “shorterai” the Bitcoin if there was a simple way to do it. It is an investment of the type greater fool theory. “

Pixabay – Mohammed Hassan / According to Bill Gates, the Bitcoin has no value.

It is a theory according to which the price of an asset is solely determined by irrational beliefs, and not by its actual intrinsic value. This is not the first time that Bill Gates demonstrated skepticism vis-à-vis the crypto-assets, since he had already sentenced them in march 2018. He had stated that they could be related to money laundering or the financing of terrorism, pointing in particular of the finger, the anonymity of the holders of these crypto-currencies.

The surprising claims

Bill Gates never misses a chance to praise the technology BlockChain. On the other hand, he murders firmly crypto-currencies, and believes that those who invest are not evidence of strategy reflected : “I firmly believe that the Bitcoin and the ICO are part of the craziest things and the most speculative, in which it is possible to invest the money. “

Pixabay – MichaelWuensch / Bill Gates criticizes the crypto-currencies for a long time already.

Also, Bill Gates stated that he received a Bitcoin for his birthday. He would immediately resold. He does not understand why the younger generation knows such a passion for crypto-currencies, and he is convinced that the value of the crypto-assets will continue to decline.

The scepticism of Bill Gates to the crypto-currencies confirms so much, and the man who is at the head of a fortune estimated at $ 91 billion remains on its positions.

Source : NCC