According to Brian Kelly, the Bitcoin has not said its last word

Brian Kelly is a famous fund manager investments in crypto-currencies. He regularly appears on television, and his opinions are taken very seriously by professionals and by individuals in the United States. According to him, the fall in the price of Bitcoin is absolutely not worrying, quite the contrary.

The dramatic fall in ? Not that much !

Many people worry about the falling price of Bitcoin. After having crossed a historical threshold to more than $ 20,000 last December, he lost last Wednesday, more than 50% of its value, down then under the $ 10,000. Some seem to say that it is the beginning of the end for the famous virtual currency.


But Brian Kelly is on the contrary very confident. According to him, the climate bear is not serious, and heralds a bull market very soon : “At this moment, everyone is saying that it is finished, that is, the Bitcoin is dead, for the 175th time. But it is the time to start to look on the side of the buyers. And capital continues to flood in. These flows have not stopped. This is not the end of Bitcoin. “

A bright future for Bitcoin

Brian Kelly is not concerned at all and remains optimistic. However, it is to be expected with fluctuations throughout the year. He warned the investors that the correction in the price of Bitcoin will be many, and that it is necessary to be able to cope with it. He encourages them not to sell their crypto-currency too quickly and do not put more than 5 % of their wealth in Bitcoin. The downward cycle is quite normal with such a bullish cycle, and this is not a concern according to the analyst. All the more that, for the moment, the Bitcoin is still a tool of reference on the markets of digital assets. Even though the popularity of crypto-currencies alternatives has increased, the Bitcoin has not said its last word.

Brian Kelly-t-he reason ? The future will tell us !

Source : NCC