According to Robert Shiller, Nobel prize in economics in 2013, the Bitcoin will inevitably collapse

Robert Shiller, Nobel prize in economics in 2013, believes that one day or the other, the Bitcoin will eventually collapse. Back on this ad that made a great noise in the world of crypto-currency.

The Bitcoin will eventually collapse

Robert Shiller is a professor at the university of Yale. If his remarks are as much respected, it is simply because in 2013, he received the Nobel prize in economics. Suffice to say that this man knows what he’s talking about ! However, it has just recently come out of the silence to give his opinion on the popular Bitcoin. He stated on the american channel CNBC that the Bitcoin was going to irremediably end up collapsing and falling into oblivion :

“I think it would be a happy outcome – but it could still linger for a good time, he could still be there in 100 years “

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Passionate about the financial markets, it has compared Bitcoin to the tulip mania, this incredible event that took place in the netherlands, and during which the tulip bulbs traded at a amount absolutely insane (up to ten times the annual salary of a craftsman of the time !). According to Robert Shiller, Bitcoin has value only because it is interested in. In reality, it is the collective agreement that gives it value : “It has absolutely no value – if it is not the collective agreement according to which it would have a value. “

The crypto-currency has no future

According to the economist, the future of Bitcoin is not brilliant. And this is not the first time that the university speaks of the crypto-currency. It is a fine example of a “bubble” according to him, but nothing more. He says that even if his value is probably not going to drop to zero, Bitcoin will necessarily finish it, one day, fall extremely important. Even if it is only in a hundred years… It is far from being the only Nobel prize in economics to be wary of the digital currency since it has been recently, Joseph Stiglitz, who won the award in 2001, said that the Bitcoin should outright be banned.

The statements of the Nobel prize of the economy are not taken to lightly. What does he think ? The distrust seems to be in order.



Source : CNBC

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    Rofl just like the US dollar, as soon as people will believe more in this funny money the dollar will collapse! And probably before 100 years