According to the CEO of Twitter, the Bitcoin will become a currency of reference

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of the social network Twitter, is out of the silence to talk about the Bitcoin. According to him, this digital currency will become inevitable in the years to come, and he explained for what reason.

The end of the dollar

It is in an interview for the daily newspaper the Times that Jack Dorsey spoke for the first time on the Bitcoin. He was reported to have invested a nice sum of personal in this crypto-currency, believing that this digital currency was undeniably the future : “Soon, the world will have a single currency. The Internet will have a single currency. And I think it should be the Bitcoin. “

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / According to the CEO of Twitter, crypto-currencies could grow within a few months.

These words, therefore, go against those who think that, in the near future, crypto-currencies will eventually disappear and that they are not significant. Remember of statements of the financial Authority at the recent meeting of the G20, which refuses to impose a regulatory framework for the time being taking account of the power reduced to crypto-currencies. Jack Dorsey is clearly not okay, and he would have good reasons to believe it.

A currency that will become a favourite

According to the CEO of Twitter, the Bitcoin will, therefore, be imposed as the currency of reference. He says that, for the moment, the problem of scaling prevents it from imposing truly, because of these technical problems make its use expensive and too slow.

But several innovations will be able to quickly resolve these issues : “as more and more people are using it, these problems vanish. Newer technologies deployed outside of the BlockChain, facilitate its handling. “

Pixabay – MichaelWuensch / The Bitcoin could become the currency of reference here shortly.

According to the man, the trigger societal has not yet in place, but it should not be long. The increase of the value of digital assets becomes a reality, it is only a question of time, a few years at most. Jack Dorsey is confident that one day, Bitcoin will be used as a classic currency : “We believe that it traces, over the long term, a path to a better financial access for all. “

Currently, we are very far from this situation. But who knows, may be he reason ?

Source : Bitcoin Magazine

  • Fuck, That’s Delicious

    Jack Dorsey himself has purchased thousands of dollars worth of BTC, it would be a con to say the opposite of what we just read here.

    Now crypto currency there are hundreds of them. The btc, ethereum, saying that going to be the currency Nbr one it is this precipitate.

    Have you already forgotten the plunge early this year ?