According to Tim Draper, the Bitcoin will replace fiat currency

Tim Draper, one of the leading experts on the crypto-currency, is convinced that one day digital currency will replace fiat currencies. Back on this ad that made a lot of noise on the market.

No worries

It is in the context of an interview for Bloomberg that the specialist Tim Draper has entrusted his optimism vis-à-vis the crypto-currencies and in particular Bitcoin. According to him, the future of the global currency is the virtual currency : “I approached this in a very different way, because I am persuaded that the Bitcoin is the currency of the future. “

Pixabay – Geralt / According to Tim Drapers, in a few years, Bitcoin will have replaced the dollar.

According to him, the current fluctuations of the market and the decline in the value of Bitcoin in particular, are only related to an adjustment logic. It is for this reason that it has no intention of getting rid of its crypto-currency for the time being : “people ask me : “are you Going to sell your Bitcoins ?” I reply : “Why would want to sell-I the future to buy me from the past ?” “

A profitable investment

However, Tim Draper, has about 30 000 Bitcoins that he bought in 2014 selling at auction. As you say that this is a real small fortune. Because what he had bought 18 million dollars back then is worth today more than $ 300 million. In spite of everything, he does not want to sell its digital assets, because it is convinced that the Bitcoin will go up the slope and return the value.

Pixabay – Geralt / The future of Bitcoin is not questioned by the specialist.

The investment remains profitable. Tim Draper still believe in Bitcoin more than ever. The volatility is not a concern, and it focuses only on the safety : “My Bitcoins are more secure than my dollars placed in the bank… my Bitcoins are very secure. The BlockChain has never been hacked, while banks have been pirated many times. “

The investor says that the next five to ten years the crypto-currency will become the norm at the international level and that nobody will use the fiat currency. The future will tell us if he is right.

Source : Bloomberg