According to Tom Lee, the value of Bitcoin could triple by 2018

The value of Bitcoin could well double by 2018, even triple ! It is, in any case, this announcement was made by Tom Lee, the co-founder of the consulting firm, Fundstrat Global Advisor. In spite of the weak performance of the crypto-currency in recent weeks, the man seems sure of himself. Back on this announcement.

A blind trust in the crypto-currency

There is no doubt according to Tom Lee that the potential of Bitcoin remains intact. It is on the american channel CNBC he said that the value of the digital currency would double this year, or even triple ! The financial analyst is not worried about the low performance of the crypto-currency in recent weeks.

Pixabay – Mohammed_Hassan

In fact, he thinks that it is simply the crypto-currency is simply enter into a normal process of price determination. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, and the future of Bitcoin is still as bright.

New perspectives for the Bitcoin

We tend to believe Tom Lee, as its latest forecasts were pessimistic. In effect, the financial analyst had predicted in August last year, an increase to $ 6,000 of the Bitcoin to the end of the year 2017, and finally the Bitcoin has largely surpassed the 10 000 dollars. And the man thinks that, this year, the increase in the value of the crypto-currency even more important ! He says that even if the Bitcoin has dropped by a little more than 25 % from its previous record, the future of the digital currency is not in doubt. According to him, the performances in 2018 will be amazing. He explained during the interview the following :

“If Bitcoin could capture 5 % of the gold market, we would more or less 50 000 $ per BTC “

The statements of Tom Lee seem, therefore, to provide a bright future for Bitcoin this year. It will be necessary to monitor all of this closely, because the fluctuations are numerous. But let’s hope he is right… To follow !

Source : CoinTelegraph