Advantages and disadvantages of the wallet of crypto-currencies online and offline

Advantages and disadvantages of the wallet of crypto-currencies online and offline

You just get a wallet for crypto-currencies, but you don’t know how to use it and, especially, if you have to use in-line or off-line. So we’ll clearly explain you the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

How does it work ?

Choose between a wallet of crypto-currencies online or offline will depend on a lot of the use you will make of your crypto-currency. If you want to keep your crypto-currency, you might prefer to use off-line so that if you have regular transactions, you may prefer to use it online.

However, whatever your choice, we recommend you to reserve a computer that you use for transactions and storage of your crypto-currency. For online use, you’ll have perfectly secure access to your wallet. In this context, the option of two-factor id is a protection solution to be very interesting. Regarding offline use, you can proceed in two ways :

  • you can store your crypto-currency on a computer that is not connected to the Internet, knowing that the day that you want to use, you just need to connect it with an Ethernet cable ;
  • you can also store it on a removable disk. However, the removable disk must be perfectly secure. To do this, it is possible to use the portfolio Ledger Wallet a Bitcoin.

The advantages and disadvantages of a wallet of crypto-currencies online

A wallet for crypto-currencies online offers several advantages. It is indeed a simple and convenient way to store the crypto-currencies because you will simply have to sign in to access and enjoy. But you must also make sure that your account is well secured. Be nevertheless reassured : you will have all the necessary tools. But we recommend you still create a complex password and use two-factor authentication. Finally, since this is the platform that hosts your portfolio, responsible for the storage of your crypto-currency, in case of a problem, you can count on his help. However, we do not recommend that you leave are too important to sleep on your wallet.

The advantages and disadvantages of a portfolio of crypto-currencies offline

Use a wallet for crypto-currencies is addressed primarily to people wanting to buy the crypto-currency and voulent trader of crypto-currencies on the long term. It is a method much more secure than online, since your data will not be on the Canvas. However, this is not a technique necessarily practical or useful if you make regular transactions. In addition, the loss of your data would be catastrophic since your crypto-currency would be simply lost. Therefore, if you opt for this solution, we suggest you make a copy and keep it in a safe place. But this alternative is truly ideal for all those who simply want to keep the crypto-currency, especially if it is a large sum.

What you must remember

  • The benefits of each of these two types of crypto-currencies depend on your use.
  • A wallet online will be more suited to regular use and in small amounts.
  • However, if you do not use your portfolio to store crypto-currencies and / or with large amounts of crypto-currency, the use of a wallet online is more appropriate.