After losing more than 4 000 BTC Nicehash is back

At the beginning of December, Nicehash has suspended its activities after having been the target of a cyber attack and being robbed of over 4,000 BTC. At the time, the value of these Bitcoins were about $ 60 million, but the value of the Bitcoin had appreciated considerably since then. Miners of Bitcoins, which are robbed of their crypto-currencies, feared not to see again their lost asset. For their greatest pleasure, we now know that Nicehash will resume soon its activities and will reimburse the user in their entirety.


Nicehash has responded quickly

In an email sent to users of Nicehash, you could read : “We inform you that the platform will continue its activities and your money will be refunded in full ! We are happy to announce that we have been able to find the necessary funds to restore the balances thanks to a group of international investors. “The team Nicehash has clarified that the balances will be restored by the end of the month of January 2018. Nicehash has described the need for this interim period to ensure that all legal documents are processed correctly, and the company has asked its users to wait a little.


Users relieved

Since the hacking, the price of Bitcoin has jumped more than 25 %. That fact that today the value of the crypto-currency stolen is approximately $ 77 million. Nicehash has not brought a clarification to the form of a reimbursement. We therefore do not know if minors will be refunded in the form of currency or traditional of Bitcoin. Naturally, the miners are very excited by this news, especially as the campaign of refund comes as quickly. Users expect just that Nicehash will strengthen their security protocol to avoid such an accident does not happen again.

It is important to remember that the hacking of platforms for crypto-currencies has become very popular throughout the year. What happened to Youbit is one of the outstanding examples.

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