After the Petro, Nicolás Maduro announces the arrival of the Petro-Gold

The digital currency venezuelan based on the oil reserves of the country has been launched a week ago and is already proving very popular. But president Nicolás Maduro does not intend to stop in so good way and wants to start a second crypto-currency, this time leaning on the gold.

A country in great difficulty

A few weeks ago, the president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro has taken the decision to launch the Petro, a digital currency based on the reserves of oil. He wanted to propose an optimal solution to revive the economy of the country. And that’s supposed to be a great success, since, according to the politician, the ICO has already led to the lifting of 735 million dollars. That said, no one has the evidence of the figures…

Logo Petro / virtual currency of Venezuela is based on oil reserves of the country.

The idea was mainly to be able to bypass the sanctions imposed by the United States. Everyone does not agree on the benefits of this crypto-currency, but the politician does not intend to stop there. He comes indeed to announce that, within a week, the Petro-Gold will also be officially launched.

A crypto-currency backed by gold reserves

This time, the Petro-Gold will be a digital asset whose value is guaranteed by gold reserves : “I will launch next week the Petro-Gold, guaranteed by gold. It will be so powerful that it will be able to strengthen the Petro. “

Logo petro Gold / The Petro Gold is a digital currency based on gold reserves.

We do not know however not what gold Nicolás Maduro speaks. Because it is possible that it refers to the gold reserves of the central bank. But also of the mineral resources which have not yet been exploited. Anyway, this ad seems confused, and the details are few.

It is expected, therefore, to find more to talk about in detail in the Petro Gold that should be put on the market in a few days.

Source : NCC