Alaska is the u.s. State achieving the greatest exchanges of crypto-currencies, announcing Overstock

The member of the board of directors of Overstock, Jonathan Johnson, has revealed the top five u.s. states that carry out more exchanges of crypto-currencies. Overstock became the first major retailer accepting Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The five States are Alaska, Delaware, Oregon, Wyoming and Hawaii.

This revelation is all the more surprising when we know that these states are not considered as hubs in fintech. The company has done this analysis by assessing the percentage of the total income in each state. She was thus able to determine the states that make the most use of crypto-currencies at the time of purchase. The States that are the most populous have the most revenue. There is such as California, Florida, Texas and New York. The company estimated that nearly 300 000 $ the value of sales based on the digital currency each month.

Check out below the video depicting these facts :

Overstock began accepting Bitcoin in January 2014

Jonathan Johnson has described the motivations of the company. He stressed the election of the company to become a major player on the market of crypto-currencies. Johnson stated that they have seen, in the wake of the banking crisis of 2013 in Cyprus, the Bitcoin was a good store of value and could be used as a currency.

According to Johnson, most of the users of crypto-currencies are men. Johnson indicated that they buy the same products that other customers who are using the traditional means.

Overstock has been very active on the market of crypto-currencies in 2017

In September, it was announced that Tzero, a subsidiary of Overstock, is going to launch a ICO, that complies with the regulations of the SEC. In August, Overstock became the first major us retailer to accept Bitcoin, and more than 52 other digital currencies. The company revealed that it would do so in partnership with This announcement will also include the interest of the users living in remote places for the crypto-currencies.


Source : NewsBitcoin