Alibaba will launch a platform of ” cloud mining “

This is not really surprising but it is all the same a new of great importance : the chinese giant e-commerce Alibaba would have to register a platform for the mining of crypto-currency. It is in any case what the media Tencent News just know.

A rumor that short

The facts date back to the 10th of October but would have remained secret until now. It would seem that the site Alibaba has registered a platform with the authorities in Nanjing. This last is called P2P Nodes. It would be a platform for the mining of digital currencies. But for the moment, we do not know the chinese users can use it. That said, according to a source who appears to be well informed, Alibaba may well decide very soon to incorporate this activity, blasting his famous e-commerce site. For the moment, it still has several bell sounds, and it is for this reason that we must remain cautious about this announcement. In effect, we have also been able to read that it could also be a platform third-party that would function as a service for cloud mining.

Tencent News: Alibaba launching virtual currency mining platform “P2P Nodes”, registered in Nanjing. May incorporate with e-commerce platform in the future. (Unconfirmed)

— cnLedger (@cnLedger) January 16, 2018

A change of idea surprising

Alibaba, go therefore in the adventure of the crypto-currency. This is rather surprising. In fact, the founder of the e-commerce platform, Jack Ma, had said in December that he had no intention to integrate digital currencies in its platform :

“I don’t think we’re ready for this. “

Logo Alibaba Group

It was recalled that the essential for him was to continue to focus its efforts on technological innovations. But it would have eventually changed his mind ! What is even more surprising is that the people’s Bank chinese announced a few hours ago, its decision to ban platforms centralized trading of crypto-currencies.

For the moment, we do not know more… You’ll have to closely monitor the announcements made by the responsible of the platform Alibaba. Follow !

Source : TenCent News