Altcoin Exchange launches in the” Atomic swap “

The platform decentralized trading of crypto-currencies Altcoin Exchange, has announced that his team conducted the first “atomic swap” between the networks Blockchain of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform indicates that it is the first step towards the creation of a process of exchange “trustless” (without confidence).

“Atomic swap “, a method very sensitive

In the world of crypto-currencies, “atomic swaps” are processes quite delicate. This is why a few platforms have made trade in this way. The “atomic swaps” that allow two parties to conduct an exchange between two networks Blockchain ” trustless “, without counterparty risk. Until now, only a few altcoins have used this process with the bitcoin, including litecoin, decred and the vercoin. Altcoin Exchange is part of the platforms that have launched in the” atomic swap ” between the networks Bitcoin and Ethereum. The team of Altcoin Exchange has transferred 0,12345 ETH 0,12345 BTC process using open source, commonly called a ” one-chain “. Altcoin Exchange expects to put online a Github repository on Tuesday.

The bargaining model central will soon be a thing of the past

Andrew Gazdecki, the CEO of Altcoin Exchange, said on the decentralized exchanges are the future for the trading of crypto-currencies “and the” atomic swap ” will be a big part of the economic model. Gazdecki explained that the “atomic swap” have replaced traditional operations in exchange for a more secure and just as quick. According to still Gadzecki, what makes this method so interesting is that it allows transactions to be direct and almost instantaneous between the crypto-currencies. “We believe that this is an essential element to create a trade truly decentralized. The transactions are carried out at the same speed as the exchanges are centralized, but without the risk of piracy or theft “, he added.

Source : News.Bitcoin