Alttradex, the company exchange of crypto-currency wants to launch an ICO

A new player has enter the market of crypto-currencies. It is Alttradex has announced the launch of an ICO on the 25th of October. The company at the cutting edge of technology, heavily influenced by the traditional solutions FX puts the emphasis on transparency and customer support. The founders of the company have taken account of regulations in the future. Alttradex has more than a single step before obtaining a license to operate on the market of crypto-currencies.

The sector of digital currencies is evolving at a frantic pace. Alttradex will allow users to handle large transactions and to get cash on several other platforms when the liquidity in-house is low. The site Alttradex will be available at any time. Therefore, users can exchange virtual currency 24 hours on 24 and 7 days on 7, anywhere in the world.

Check out the video below detailing the ICO of Alttradex :

Customer support is a priority for Alttradex

Alttradex will make every effort to improve the customer support. Different teams will be organized to provide a consistent customer experience. Even if this implies a considerable investment, it is important to Alttradex to meet the expectations of customers quickly.

Pgdown keys, Wikimedia Commons

As the evolution of the industry, it is essential that the companies of trade of crypto-currencies operate in professional ways, and that customers have access to customer support more fluid.

An ICO scheduled for 25 October

Alttradex provides an ICO on 25 October. It will finish on 30 November. The first participants at the ICO will benefit from a bonus of 20 %. Contributors will receive digital currency. The crypto-currency is based on the technology ERC20.

The emergence of new business platforms is important as the market for crypto-currencies to develop. Alttradex intends to provide users with professional services that are tailored to the current needs. Their goal is to become the leader in the sector within the next 5 to 10 years.

Source : NewsBTC