Amazon has just bought three sites bearing domain names linked to the crypto-currencies

The crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, are today an alternative investment for many users. Since the beginning of the year, we have witnessed the considerable growth of the market of digital currencies. This year, the price of Bitcoin has reached a record level. The market capitalization of this crypto-currency is more than $ 100 billion. Many start-ups have seen the light of day thanks to the ICO.

The area of crypto-currencies continues to evolve. Recently, Amazon has secured three new sites linked to the crypto-currency. This approach has generated various rumors that the giant of e-commerce is in phase to operate on the market of crypto-currencies. It is expected that the group finally accepted to allow the use of crypto-currencies as means of payment.

The demand is not yet strong enough

In addition, we still have to wait some time before you see such a thing occur. In fact, the vice-president of Amazon Pay, Patrick Gauthier, told CNBC last month that the company had not yet the intention to accept the digital currency because there was not a lot of demand.

The objective of the company currently is able to protect its brand name. The three sites recently created by Amazon are :, and

The actions already implemented by Amazon

The report of DomainNamewire has stated that Amazon has registered the domain names on this Tuesday. The value of Bitcoin has seen a historic high on Wednesday, reaching a high of 6 $ 600, after the announcement of the CME. This has affirmed the launch of intelligent contracts this year.

Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Tim D, Wikimedia Commons

There has also been rumors that Amazon has come to accept the crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin. However, the group has never acknowledged those plans. Last month, another unfounded rumour which has taken place regarding the acceptance of Bitcoin through Amazon. This was done immediately in a rise in the price of this digital currency.


Source : CNBC