Amazon is in the process of launching on the market of crypto-currencies ?

Recently, Amazon has created three new domain names related to the crypto-currency. A sign that the giant of e-commerce could begin in the universe of digital assets. Such a decision would contradict the comments of a senior officer, depending on which Amazon did not have the intention to enter this market.

Amazon, the leader in e-commerce

The three areas that have been recorded by Amazon, which include, and DomainNameWire has been the first to report the new ads for Amazon. The rumors about the involvement of Amazon in the crypto-currencies have circulated for many years. The company has already created multiple domain names linked to the crypto-currency, including The area brings visitors directly to the official website of Amazon.

Here is a preview video showing the announcement of the three new areas of Amazon :

As the largest online retailer in the world, the Amazon exerts a considerable influence on the global market for e-commerce. His foray into the crypto-currencies could catapult the digital currency in the payment system. The american giant has still struggled to penetrate this area until now. The company has achieved a turnover of more than 43.7 billion this year. The value of the shares of Amazon remains at $ 1,100.

A domain of activity that is difficult to ignore

The rapid ascent of the market of crypto-currencies has been difficult to ignore. The market capitalization of crypto-currencies has reached $ 200 billion last week. The Bitcoin represents more than 60 % of the total. Slowly but surely, large companies from all sectors are adopting the technology Blockchain.

For Amazon, the adoption of crypto-currencies is likely to accept the Bitcoin, Ether and other digital currencies as a means of payment. This would revolutionize the payments industry as we know it, and could send the crypto-currency to new heights. Hundreds of thousands of merchants already accept the Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Source : Hacked