Amazon would it be on the point of accepting bitcoins as a method of payment ?

The rumors about the fact that Amazon will start accepting the Bitcoin have surprised the business of crypto-currencies. Although in the end these rumors may be false, the reality is that there seems to be a lot of interest for this new mode of payment. Indeed, a petition had been circulated on the Internet to convince Jeff Bezos to adopt the Bitcoin as a payment method at Amazon.

For some, these rumors are based. They even think that Amazon is going to make an official announcement during its next call for investors scheduled for 26 October. If more merchants accept crypto-currencies as a means of payment, others are still retissent. This will he the case of Amazon ?

Alternatives to pay, indirectly, its purchase with Bitcoin on Amazon

According to the firms specializing in crypto-currencies, it is likely that Amazon accepts such a payment method. Currently, virtual currencies are being used more and more. Thus, to follow this trend, businesses must also adopt these digital currencies. The Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the most used in the world.

Currently, Amazon already offers solutions to allow customers to pay indirectly with a bitcoin. If the merchant accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment, it would be a real step forward. But the majority of companies will adopt the Bitcoin, if Amazon decides to accept it ?

The analysis of the evolution of the price of bitcoin

The market of bitcoin is very volatile. The evolution of the price of this crypto-currency is quite irregular over the past two years. Many times, the Bitcoin has suffered a fall, sometimes losing more than 80 % of its value.

These price fluctuations show that the Bitcoin has been anything but a stable investment. It is therefore quite natural that the followers of crypto-currencies want to see more and more merchants accept Bitcoin.

  • Jerome

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