An 11-year-old published a book of 57 pages on the Bitcoin

A child of 11 years in Massachusetts, Andrew Courey, has just published a book on Bitcoin so that the young generation can understand this emerging technology that is rocking the world. This young boy is considered an expert in Bitcoin, and his book of 57 pages describes the crypto-currencies in a very simple way.

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A book of 57 pages to better understand the Bitcoin

Andrew Courey is a college student from Massachusetts, and he hopes to earn 20 million dollars at the age of 14 years. Courey has entered into an agreement with his parents, who had said that if he won this sum of money, he could abandon the school. So after many hours of searching and viewing of YouTube videos covering the subject of Bitcoin, Courey decided to write a book about this digital currency. The book entitled “the Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin : The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin” is now available on Amazon in the form of an electronic book.

Source : Pixabay. An 11 year-old publishes a book on Bitcoin.

The father of Courey is an investor in financial assets, and has encouraged Andrew to put their studies to profit by publishing a book on Bitcoin in a much simpler way. In an interview with CNBC, Andrew stated that anyone can learn about crypto-currencies if they are willing to spend 70 to 80 hours to the research of relevant sources.

A book dedicated to a broad audience

The book tries to use analogies to describe crypto-currencies and the technology Blockchain. The explanations provided by this young boy are very simple. According to the latter, the Blockchain is similar to a public document of Google that is shared with all users and can only be modified by buying or selling Bitcoins. He also indicated that a portfolio of crypto-currencies is similar to a mailbox where only the owner of the key.

The book covers topics such as portfolios, mining, and other technologies related to digital currencies. We also discover the history of Bitcoin, the ICO and Ethereum.

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