An airline in taiwan to accept payments in crypto-currencies

Asia is probably the continent where the rate of acceptance of crypto-currencies is most important. It is also the destination where, in addition to the fact of the development of the trading of Bitcoin, you can find many companies regular accepting payments in the digital currency to attract new customers. Asian consumers now have a new way to spend their Bitcoin : to buy plane tickets to travel in various countries.

Here is a video in English explaining in detail about these facts :

FAT Taiwan accepts payments in the virtual currency

FAT Taiwan, an airline part of the group, Far Eastern Air Transport announced that it would accept payments in crypto for the purchase of airline tickets. It is the first airline in taiwan to allow its customers to travel through the crypto-currencies. The company has stated that it will allow payments by Bitcoin and will thus become a pioneer in the adoption of the digital currency.

Zhang Gangwei, the president of the airline, has indicated that the use of the crypto-currency will open the way to a new future for the air transport sector, the accommodation industry and the whole tourism sector. FAT is on the verge of becoming the first airline to adopt the technology Blockchain.

Source : Pixabay. An airline taiwan accepts Bitcoin as means of payment.

Fly to China, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries

Far Eastern Air currently operates flight services in East Asia and South-East, including routes to several cities in China, Japan, Cambodia, Philippines, and South Korea. In the announcement made by the company, passengers will now be able to enjoy a booking experience more convenient and at a reduced price by using the crypto-currency is the most popular in the world.

Given its domestic markets and targets, it is not surprising that the company wants to be regarded as a pioneer of the encryption. In addition to the media exposure that this will generate, accept payments via this technology will also attract many traders and users of Bitcoin in the asian countries.

Source : NewsBitcoin