An american city wants to ban the mining of crypto-currencies

The city of Plattsburgh in the United States has just taken a radical decision about crypto-currencies. In fact, this town located in the State of New York estimated that the mining of Bitcoin is too energy-consuming. Also, the mayor plans to prohibit the mining of virtual currencies within the city.

Attractive rates

Plattsburgh offers electricity prices are particularly attractive. In fact, she pulls the Saint-Laurent hydraulic power very interesting. There are many dams that are installed on the river, making electricity inexpensive.

Pixabay – Geralt / The mining of crypto-currencies is energy intensive.

Suddenly, several miners of crypto-currencies is settled in the city ! Because, yes, the mining requires a lot of electricity, and settle in Plattsburgh allows you to make big savings. However, the mayor of the city was enough, because the mining of Bitcoin would represent approximately 10 % of the electricity production of the city.

A thoughtful decision

The mayor has therefore decided to make a decision to put an end to this over-consumption electric : “You know that you must protect citizens against price rise of electricity, but I think that there are ways of doing this, such as, for example, by increasing the costs for the miners. I think that this is not a good idea to prohibit all activity – the problem is only related to the fact that it is a new activity. “

Pixababy – Geralt / The american city considering banning the mining of crypto-currencies.

The mayor hopes that the city of Plattsburgh is also attracting other companies that could create new jobs and represent great opportunities for the inhabitants. The attractive price of the electricity should not only be used to mine crypto-currencies. For the moment, the decision is not taken, but it is indeed envisaged to prohibit the blasting within the municipality.

Source : NCC