An audit of atms of Bitcoin in Tatarstan

In Tatarstan, a region of Russia, the prosecutor’s office wants to perform checks on the terminal exchanges of crypto-currencies are installed by a business man in the city of Kazan. The goal is to control the legality or not of these atms. In effect, it is important to remember that at the beginning of this month, the distributors of Bitcoin had been installed in the capital of the region of Tatarstan. This type of terminal seems to have the wind in its sails in Russia.


A thorough investigation

The installation of these atms has prompted the local authorities to carry out investigations on the terminals. The office of the prosecutor of Tatarstan has gathered more information and found a few. It is known, inter alia, that the businessman in question is of the region and is 34 years old. The office of the prosecutor has also revealed that the terminals were installed by a company registered in Ufa, in the region of Bashkortostan. The authorities have added that the investigations on the terminals are still in progress.


A status-quo legal

Still according to the office of the prosecutor, in the course of the verification procedure, the authorities have issued a warning to the businessman in respect of any breach of the law. Right now, the information has been sent to the Office of federal tax Service of the republic of Tatarstan to check the possible violations of the discipline of cash flow and tax legislation. Despite the fact that the office of the prosecutor of Tatarstan has informed the owner of the terminal, the office is obliged to point out that ” the legal status of crypto-currencies in Russia is not yet defined “. To add even more opacity on this legal status, recently, the Russian minister of Communications and mass Media, Nikolai Nikiforov, said that ” the Russian law will never consider the Bitcoin as a legal entity “.

Source : News.Bitcoin