An australian company deals with a value of $ 1 million in crypto-currencies each week

An australian company that allows its customers to make payments by credit card, using 11 crypto-currencies, has revealed that the company currently processes approximately 1 million transactions each week. Today, crypto-currencies, especially Bitcoin, are heavily used.

Moreover, the increase in the price of this digital currency in the course of the week, has surprised many specialists. More and more companies now offer payments via the digital currency. A situation that could allow these crypto-currencies to gain in value.

Use the Bitcoin to pay his bills

Despite the recent surge in the price of Bitcoin has triggered the widespread use of crypto-currency, an australian company reported an increase in the use of Bitcoin as means of payment. Living Room of Satoshi, a provider of payment services via crypto-currency, based in Brisbane, told the australian media that it was now more than $ 1 million of payments of invoices each week.

Here’s a video illustrating these facts :

63.3% of all payments to Living Room of Satoshi are made via the Bitcoin. The second digital currency and the most used is Ethereum, which represents 19.3% of the activity of the company. Litecoin is the third, representing 7.5% of the total of payments, monitoring of Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero and Zcash.

Payments via Bitcoin are on the rise

Daniel Alexiuc, director-general Satoshi, attributes the growth of his company to the success of this crypto-currency. He said that a large part of the media attention has focused on the growing value of Bitcoin. It is different from other digital currencies, he added.

He indicated that the Bitcoin is a better form of currency, because it is not controlled by the government. It is possible to send it abroad, without the control of any authority, he explained. The craze around Bitcoin could encourage other businesses to accept the digital currency as a means of payment.

Source : NewsBitcoin