An important group of japanese car and some dealers adopt Bitcoin

One of the largest sellers of used vehicles in Japan has partnered with Bitflyer, the largest exchange of crypto-currencies in the country, to allow payments in Bitcoin from its dealers across Japan. However, Bitflyer is also present in the United States. The initiative will begin with 26 dealers, but the company is also planning to allow payments in Bitcoin to 550 additional locations.


Idom Inc. wants to take maximum advantage of the popularity of Bitcoin

Idom Inc., listed on the Tokyo stock Exchange, is dedicated to the sale of used cars. Formerly known under the name of Gulliver International Co. Ltd, the company is at the head of a network of stores that buy and sell used cars through Japan since 1994. Idom has just announced that its chain of stores called Liberala will begin to accept Bitcoin starting tomorrow. This chain specializes in the sale of Bentley, BMW and Audi, for occasion. This initiative was conducted in partnership with Bitflyer. Thus, the 24 stores Liberala accept payments in Bitcoin with a ceiling of 880 000 $ for purchase. The stores are located in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kushu. “At the beginning, we’re going to start with Liberala, and we are looking to introduce the payment of Bitcoin in stores in Gulliver’s travels who have about 550 shops across the country “, a-t-on could read in a press release issued by Idom.

Idom Inc. is not the only one to begin in the world of crypto-currencies

Earlier this month, another used car salesman called The operaio did began to accept the Bitcoin in three of its dealers established in Tokyo. Created in 1992, The operaio did is specialized in luxury cars imported from Europe. In the case of The operaio did the maximum amount with which you can pay in Bitcoin is $ 18,000 by purchase. “We have decided to introduce payments to Bitcoin to improve the comfort of the customers and respond to expectations around this new market,” said The operaio did in a press release.

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