An increase in demand for equipment for mining of crypto-currencies in Singapore

Dexter Ng, a singaporean company, has reported a growing demand for materials mining of crypto-currencies with its business. According to him, ” customers come in and order 50 platforms by their own means. “


An offer not so easy to implement

In recent months, the company declares to have sold about 100 devices of blasting per month, a significant increase from the 15 units sold last July. However, Dexter Ng admits that, previously, probably a person only bought one or two. Today, according to him, ” some customers go so far as to buy 10, 20, or even 50. “On average, the full installation of a unit of mining of crypto-currencies, costs about $ 300, without taking into account electricity costs.


A chain reaction

However, the current situation in Singapore remains unclear. In fact, last month, the director-general of the monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Ravi Menon, has told the media that MAS does not intend to regulate crypto-currencies in the near future, stating : “to this day, I don’t see any reason to want to regulate crypto-currencies “. First, the MAS ‘ objectives to make an inventory of the activities surrounding the world of crypto-currencies and define the potential risks related thereto. Just the day after this announcement, many financial institutions in singapore had closed the accounts of companies providing payment services in crypto-currency. SAM leaned on the closure of these accounts, stating that it did not interfere with the commercial decisions of banks, ” including those relating to the establishment and termination of business relationships. “

Source : News.Bitcoin