An increase in the number of users of apps related to crypto-currencies in South Korea

Over the past 11 weeks, an increase of more than 14-fold was observed in the number of users of applications dedicated to crypto-currencies in South Korea, which at the present time to approximately 2 million users. Daily, they spend on average 26 minutes on these applications. Most of them are in their thirties.

Here’s the video depicting these facts :

A considerable increase in

Wiseapp, a company specializing in the analysis of applications has recently revealed the results of a study on the behaviour of users of south Korean smartphones. Based on this analysis, it has been shown that nearly 2 million South koreans have used apps related to crypto-currencies with their mobile device last week. The number of users is estimated that total 1.96 million people. Between 30 October and 5 November, the state of 140 000 users. These applications allow also ensure the management of their digital currencies such as Ethereum, or Bitcoin.

Source : Gerd Altmann, Pixabay. An application related to trade in crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin.

The report revealed by Wiseapp allowed to know that an increase of more than 14-fold was noticed between October 30, 2017 and 14 January 2018. The most popular applications include those related to the negotiation of crypto-currency, especially Bitcoin, as well as other information related to the digital currency. Many South koreans are increasingly using these applications in spite of numerous announcements regulatory.

The profile of the users

The data provided by Wiseapp have also revealed that 1.8 million users have turned to the top ten applications related to Bitcoin, compared to 2.67 million users for the top ten applications relating to the securities. Moreover, the followers of Bitcoin on average spent 26 minutes of their time on these applications. The application users management of securities not spend 13 minutes daily.

The company has also noticed that 6.5% of the users of the applications related to Bitcoin are teenagers, 24 % in their twenties, to 32.7% in their thirties, 21 % in their forties and 15.8 % were aged 50 and over.

Source : NewsBitcoin