An innovative technique for the mining of crypto-currencies

The mining of crypto-currencies continues to evolve. With the development of graphics cards, they now have powerful tools to carry out such an operation. Even more surprising, the miners are turning increasingly to the use of the human body to extract digital currency.

With the considerable rise of Bitcoin, reaching historic highs, interest in this crypto-currency is growing. We have reached a point where a start-up Dutch now considers the human being as a kind of battery that can power the extraction system. The institute is based in The Hague, where a team of researchers are working to see how the human body can be harnessed to provide the energy powering a mining system.


A solution to absorb the heat generated by the body

One of the peculiarities of the mining of crypto-currencies, is that this technique requires significant energy. Moreover, the power consumption of such a device is similar to the consumption of a single country.

Here are the techniques adopted for such blasting :

Most of the actors are therefore seeking an alternative to electricity. Ioho has built a suit that can absorb the excessive heat generated by the body to undermine crypto-currencies. This means that you will be able to stay in bed for hours each day, or even sleep, and your body generates money. Now, one can extract crypto-currencies with our body.

Is it cost effective ?

If the majority of miners prefer to turn to traditional sources of energy, Ioho has opted for the 37 workers who have produced nearly 127 210 milliwatts of electricity. They have thus extracted 16 954 digital currencies in total. 80% of the revenues of the crypto-currencies have been paid to workers. The rest went to Ioho.

Manuel Beltran, the founder of the Ioho, has launched this project to allow users of crypto-currencies to look to the future. An innovative solution that would contribute to the development of this sector. The use of graphics cards is always necessary, it is only a source of energy. Among the best GPU for mining, there including the AMD Radeon RX 580.

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Source : TweakTown