An investment fund managed for a room of students !

Trace Capital is an investment fund that manages many thousands of dollars to approximately fifteen investors. However, those who are involved in this investment fund the managed from a room of students !

Two students passionate

Trace Capital manages more than $ 300 000. The small company relies on an algorithm specific and it is able to predict the changes in the price of crypto-currencies. Their forecasts are rather close to reality, especially when they are about Bitcoin, the Ether or the Litecoin. Thanks for the predictions to be relatively accurate, Trace Capital interests of the larger companies, who have offered to buy the investment fund.

Pixabay – Geralt / The two students who manage the investment funds from their student room.

Which was quite improbable for those who are at the origin of this project. In effect, they manage everything from a student room ! The two partners, Leo and Brandon, are students at the university of New York. They have chosen to specialize in finance. There are still a few weeks, they were students in neuroscience and journalism. But they have completely changed their plans for the future, as explained by Leo : “Brandon and I are working on the creation of a real investment fund. For the moment, we simply help our friends and our family. “

A family adventure

To this day, are so mainly of the knowledge of Leo and Brandon to use Trace capital. One of them has bet $ 5,000 in February 2017 and can now pay his tuition with his Bitcoins. A genuine success, totally unexpected !

Pixabay – Geralt / They win a nice success, and they hope to do their job.

For the moment, the two friends have no intention or desire to sell their small company. They hope to continue the adventure and to grow their investment funds to the artisan. Passionate about technology BlockChain, the two students wish to draw the attention of larger companies, in order to pursue their dream and do their job.

The least we can say is that these two young boys are not lacking in ambition. Fun isn’t it !

Source : NCC