An investor confirms that the Bitcoin might reach $ 60,000 by 2018

The investor of crypto-currencies Julian Hosp said that the growth of Bitcoin is not yet complete. He has indicated that he thinks that we will still see Bitcoin reach the bar of 60 000 dollars. Julian Hosp, co-founder of TenX, a company specializing in exchange of digital currencies, explained that in spite of this drastic increase, we can expect the fall in the price of this crypto-currency.

Check out below the details of this forecast :

Many governments have warned against the dangers of investing in crypto-currencies. According to them, the market could collapse, because there is no support for their value. Mr Hosp said that two cases may arise. That is, the value of Bitcoin will increase to more than $ 45,000, a decrease of almost $ 10,000 going to happen.

A market that is extremely volatile

After having reached a record level of more than 19 800 $ in mid-December, the price of Bitcoin collapsed last Friday. The crypto-currency has lost a third of its value in a single day, falling below 11,000 dollars before returning to the field. According to Coinbase, the Bitcoin is trading now at 15 185 dollars.

The symbol of the Bictoin, crypto-currency the most famous. Source : Pixabay

Hosp said to the string “Squawk Box” CNBC that for the experts who have operated on this market, this situation was very predictable. All were expecting a price decline, given the rise in dangerous of Bitcoin.

On the road to the legislation of the market

Hosp has been compared to the current interest in the Bitcoin to the Internet bubble that began there twenty years and warned that consolidation of digital currencies is likely to occur in the future.

In the Face of this enthusiasm, the regulators will look closely at this market to put in place clear regulations to promote the development of the sector. The initiative of each government in favor of Bitcoin would be a great step forward for this segment.

Source : CNBC