An investor in kenya describes the crypto-currencies as the largest system of distribution of wealth in the world

Eugene Mutai, an investor in crypto-currencies of kenya, has recently described the entire ecosystem of digital currency as probably the largest system of distribution of wealth in the world. This young kenyan has managed to lift themselves out of poverty to become a consultant and investor and renowned in the country.

McKay Savage, Wikimedia Commons

Today, it uses the crypto-currencies as a medium to enter on the global financial markets. An investment tool that has allowed him to enrich.

The crypto-currencies as a system of distribution of wealth

According to Mutai, the virtual currency, are an equalizer to the global economic able to work around the barriers that prevent ordinary citizens to access the financial markets. The man, 28-year-old says that, thanks to the crypto-currency, large investors are not permitted to refuse anyone to participate in the current financial system.

Mutai has disposed of a significant portion of its home to its system for the mining of crypto-currencies. In addition, it has invested in an armada of fans to cool down the drilling rig. Besides, it was just a year ago, he had not even heard of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

A young kenyan who came out of poverty thanks to crypto-currencies

Mutai was very interested in the technology. He thus borrowed the mobile phone of his friend, a model, Nokia, for download apps. Thanks to this, he was able to learn the basics of coding HTML and CSS. At the time, he lived in the native village of his mother, earning barely enough money to survive. He has spent most of his time to master programming.

He was able to get a job as a computer programmer, before becoming a consultant at iHub. After having launched his system of mining of crypto-currencies, it has started to invest in the ICO.

Source : NewsBitcoin