An owner of a Tesla S uses his car to miner of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin is a crypto-currencies are the most popular in the world. This digital currency has reached a record level, reaching more than 10 000 dollars. Today, more and more companies or individuals engage in the mining of Bitcoin. And just at the moment where the miners believed that mining operations on the phone was revolutionary, an owner of an electric car model Tesla S uses the power of the compressor of his vehicle to exploit the Bitcoin.

He has installed a computer in the trunk of his car. The mining base is then loaded by the compressor of the vehicle during the process of mining. A solution is much more economical when you know that the mining of Bitcoin requires large amounts of energy.

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A great way to mine crypto-currencies

The exploration of innovative methods and creative mining of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies is always an effort, it is very interesting because of the continuous increase of the prices of these digital currencies. The use of compressors such as those found on the model Tesla, might be a good idea, but some problems may occur.

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Among these concerns is the possibility that the mining facility to produce a lot of heat which could damage the different pieces of the car over time. On the other hand, the battery of the vehicle could also wear when it is used continuously for the mining of Bitcoin.

Other alternatives are possible

Despite its great potential, and perhaps its good profits, as the practice does not require any investment, the owners of Tesla and other electric vehicles should decide carefully if they want to use this approach for mining crypto-currencies.

Those who want to exploit digital currencies can also turn to other alternatives such as the use of renewable energy such as solar panels. However, these new technologies require a significant investment. Fortunately, it is possible to find it on Amazon solar panels affordable to use little current.

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Source : CoinTelegraph