And if Facebook launched its own crypto-currency ?

This is a new one that could well revolutionize the industry of crypto-currencies if it should prove to be correct. According to the website information Cheddar, Facebook would consider creating his own virtual currency.

An important decision

A few days ago, we learned that Facebook launched a division entirely devoted to the technology BlockChain. And behind this reorganization was hidden, finally, is an objective wonder, who is none other than the creation of a crypto-currency. The american giant would have the intention of issuing a virtual currency dedicated.

Pixabay – Geralt / The decision could revolutionize the sector of the crypto-currency.

This digital asset would have the purpose of facilitating the transactions of the two billion users of the social network. Thus, Facebook would no longer need to rely on a fiat currency, but could use its own currency, which would facilitate international transactions. The internet could be much more autonomous in their actions. And that’s not all : Facebook could secure the platform and to more effectively manage the data of its users.

A short-term goal

This is David Marcus, an avid supporter of crypto-currencies, which has been appointed head of the division dedicated to the BlockChain in Facebook. The latter has already many experiences in the area of online payments, because he has been the head of PayPal. It would be so perfect for setting up a crypto-currency dedicated to the social network.

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / The social network planning to create a crypto-currency dedicated.

However, the journey will be long and bumpy. This project could see the light of day in a minimum of a year. All the more that, for the moment, Facebook has no intention of launching a crypto-currency through an ICO, simply because the sale of a token to the public, could have a negative impact on the image of the company. Facebook would consider to make a “air drop” for its users.

All these information are to be taken with a grain of salt, because Mark Zuckerberg has not confirmed the idea of launching a crypto-currency dedicated to Facebook. But if that was the case, the sector may well be jostled.

Source : NCC